Message from CEO

CEO-V2In a fast growing Gulf region, we have recognized the need for a sugar refinery producing high standard white sugar.

While absolute financial or operating performance is often the only “measure of greatness”, great organizations always produce additional “outcomes namely:

  • Sustained superior performance
  • Intensely loyal customers
  • Highly engaged and loyal employees.
  • Distinctive contribution.

These outcomes are measurable, unmistakable, and attainable by any organization.

From the outset and not far from inception we have to contemplate the price to truly pay to excel and I believe, by all means it will be extremely high in time, striving, dedication, assiduity and resources; yet, the recompense will be beyond all rewards.

At ASC we strive to create a healthier and more affluent food culture;In this regard we endeavor to deliver high quality products and services through our refined sugar business.

With the benefit of a highly qualified staff force and passion for results in our enterprise, we shall always aim to rise to greater heights and uphold our business principles to ensure our very own sustainability and contribution to the food security in this part of the world.


Dr. Yves El Mallat
Chief Executive Officer